All India Essay Contest on Nuclear Science and Technology was organized in the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE)

 All India Essay Contest on Nuclear Science and Technology was organized in the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), which is a division of the Government of India. On the 29th of October, in the Indian Notar of Nuclear Science and Technology, the top 36 selected articles will be invited to Mumbai for oral presentation of their essay. Students graduated at any point in India can participate in writing an essay on nuclear power matters.
Topics are subject to competition
Topics in the 29th All India Composition Competition on Nuclear Science and Technology
1. Nuclear power for conflict
2. Isotope and Radiation Technology: Quality Impact of Life
3. Clean India Mission Roal
Those candidates who have already participated in the DAE Articles Contest and won the prize with the award of comfort, they are not eligible to send their articles for participation.
29th All India Nissar Contest on Guideline and Nuclear Science and Technology for auction
Contestants do not want to enter their name or address anywhere on an article page.
Must be indigenous to a single person in English or in any Indian Indian language.
More than 2000 words will be written silently in the following way
More than 350 words have a role to play about how DAE’s numerous achievements in the development of basic science and nuclear technology and how they helped them in overall social development of the country.
There are no articles in more than 1500 words on the following topics.
The conclusion of the article does not exceed 150 words
Submit application form
Document will be sent with the article
Bonafide Student Certificate By Principal of University / College, Participants Participants
Participant’s name, name of the college / institute and a separate letter containing the residential address with contact address. And in addition to the competition, the email id of the Institute.
Contestants must send their articles to the following address (Not to be considered for email or faxed advertisements)
Assistant administrative officer, Public awareness department
Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India,
Anushati Bhavan, CSM Marg, Mumbai 400 001
Topics for the Essay Contest
Nuclear Power for Combating
Current Energy Scenario
Energy Security and Sustainability for Future
Clean Energy Technologies – Nuclear and Renewables
Development of Nuclear Infrastructure in India
Economics aspects of Nuclear and other Technologies
Advanced Safety Technologies and Regulatory Practices
Optimal Energy mix for India’s future – Inevitability of Nuclear Power
Generating Public Awareness for Nuclear Power
Societal Benefit of Non-Power Application of Nuclear Science and Technology:
Basic of Applications of Radioactivity
Genesis of Isotope Programme and Current Technologies for Isotope Production
Medical Applications and Radiopharmaceuticals
Isotopes in Hydrology and Water Management
Applications in Agriculture and Food
Industrial Applications – Tracers and Sealed Sources
Innovations in Radiation Processing
Environmental Applications for Clean India Mission (Swachchh Bharat Abhiyaan)
Safety Regulation for Radioisotopes and its Applications
Laser Light in the Service of Indian Nuclear Energy:
Laser, Plasma, and Electron Beam Sources and their unique features.
Advantages of Power Beams as against conventional methods.
Laser: A cleaning tool in the Nuclear industry, heritage conservation and monitoring environmental pollution.
Plasma: Role in toxic waste disposal, surface cleaning
Electron beams: Role in tackling industrial pollution, food preservation
From the total article, 36 best articles will be selected. Only the authors of 36 nominated articles will be notified for the oral presentation of their essay in Mumbai in October last week. The final selection will be considered in both oral presentations as well as written article quality. Candidates can also prepare Power Point presentations for their articles.
The winners will be rewarded on the founding day of 30 October 2017
First Prize (No 3rd): Rs. 21,000
Second prize (3): Rupees 14,000
Third prize (3): Rupees 7,000
Consolation prizes: Rs. 3,000 (those who may make oral representation but who are not safe for the first, second or third prize)
Anushakti Bhavan,
Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj Marg,
Mumbai – 400 001
Phone 91-22862500
Fax 022-22048476
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