From the higher secondery to the Post Graduation, the Central Fellowship encourages the learners of Scientific Research(KVPY)

Submitting applications for the “Kishor Scientific Proposal Scheme” KVPY Fellowship Award, for encouraging scientific research in the future of meritorious students of science stream.
Stream SA: Students enrolled in XI standard (science subjects) during the academic year 2017-18 and the minimum marks in the 75% math and the minimum examination of science subjects (65% for SC / ST / Public Works Department) of X Standard Board. Fellowship of selected students will be activated under this stream only if they graduate in Basic Sciences (B.Sc / BS / B. Stat / B. Math / Intent MSc / Intent MS) in the academic year 2009-2012, the minimum 60% (SC) / 50% for ST / PWD) and 12% in graduate (+ 2) board exams. During one year’s interim, the National Science (Vizoshi) will be invited to camp and their travel and other related expenses will be met by KVPY Fellowship.
Stream SX: Students are enrolled in 12th Standard / (+2) (science subjects) during the academic year 2017-18 and aspiring to join graduate program in Basic Science ie Physics / Chemistry / Mathematics and Biology B.Sc./BS/. Stat./B.Math./Int. M.Sc./Int. Microsoft. For the session 2018-19, if they are participating in the X Standard Board Examination in Mathematics of 75% of the total marks and a minimum and minimum protection of science subjects (Physics / Chemistry / Biology) (SC / ST / Public Works Department for 65%) XII Standard Board Exam 60 % (50% for SC / ST / PWDA) Mathematics and the equivalent of science (Physics / Chemistry / Biology) Number.
2nd year students of Cambridge International International Board of Studies and UG Aspiring to participate in the program (eg B.Sc / BS / B.STit / BMA / M.Sc / Intent MS) 2017-18 in Basic Science ie Biology within Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Academic Year They have 75% marks in Mathematics and Science subjects (65% for SC / ST / Public Works Department) (Minimum protection physics / chest Na / biology). If they are honored, before accepting the fellowship, there must be a secure 60% (for 50% SC / ST / PWD) for MATHEMATICS and SCIENCE (physics / chemistry / biology) in 12 standard board exams.
Stream SB: 1st year postgraduate program of Basic Sciences / Physics / Chemistry / Mathematics and Biology which is B.Sc / BS / B Stati / BMM. M.Sc./Int. Microsoft. In the academic year 2017-18 time and 60% marks in mathematics and science subjects (Physics / Chemistry / Biology) (at least 50% of SC / ST / Public Works Department) in the examination of XII Standard Board. B.Sc / BS in the 1st year final examination / BML / Bist / Intent M.Sc./Int. Microsoft. If they award the prize, before making the Fellowship, 60% (SC / ST / PWD) will be required to confirm the 50% number.
Empowerment initiative in KVPY Fellowship Program:
1. Extra cooperation will be provided exclusively to the SC / ST community students under the above mentioned above.
2. Among the above mentioned streams, only a certain number of fellowships will be run under the disabilities of the students (physically and visually impaired).
Students enrolled in Masters in Basic Sciences, which are B.Sc./B.S. / BState / BMTH / Int. M.Sc./Int. Microsoft. Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Ecology, Molecular Biology, Botany, Zoology, Physiology, Biotechnology, Neuroscience, Bioinformatics, Marine Biology, Geology, Human Biology, Genetics, Biomedical Science, Applied Physics, In geophysics, content science or environmental science KVPY Fellowship eligible for.
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Last Date : 23rd August,2017
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